We grow quinoa

We first became interested in growing quinoa on our farm because of our strong interest in local food and our connection to Peru - Alexandra is originally from Lima, Peru where Ryan and Alexandra met in 2004. We initially tried growing quinoa on our farm in 2009, but only harvested our first crop in 2014. For the last several years, we have grown 20 acres of a "nutty brown" quinoa. When cooked, our quinoa has an "al dente" texture, nutty flavour, and darker colour much like brown rice. Its texture and flavour distinguish it from the common white and red varieties.

Organic practices

From 2014 - 2017, we transitioned 1/4 of our farm to certified organic, and we harvested our first organic quinoa in the fall of 2018 (our 2017 was very poor). Our currently available quinoa products were grown organically without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers (called "transitional"). Instead we have used green manures, organic amendments, and our pigs to improve soil health. We will soon have certified organic product available.


Ongoing experimentation

We continue to experiment with other varieties, including white, red and black quinoa varieties. Some varieties of quinoa seem to be well suited to our parkland region and local climate, where we have a shorter, cooler growing season than other parts of Manitoba.

Manitoba quinoa


Want to buy some quinoa?

We sell our "nutty brown" quinoa at several retail locations in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. You can find our products in retail stores, click here. 


You can also email us to order and arrange delivery options for 25 lb and 50 lbs bags.

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