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Diversity is important to us and our farm. Diversity means a more interesting range of products, a more biodiverse landscape, and a more interesting and adaptive business. Since starting to farm in the 70s, my parents have specialized in alfalfa seed and leafcutter bees, grains, and over 10 native grasses and forbs. More recently, we have focused on free-range pork and novel "grains", such as quinoa and einkorn.


Beyond the specific items we produce, we maintain 50% of the 1500 acres we farm in natural aspen parkland and wetlands under Conservation Eavesments with the Nature Conservancy. So instead of bulldozing our forests and filling in our wetlands to exploit every acre, our family made the decision to farm fewer acres more intelligently. In supporting our farm, you are maintaining habitat for elk, deer, moose and black bear as well as forests with over 50 species of trees, shrubs, plants and fungi.


Quinoa products



Pastured pork

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