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Pastured pork

In 2014, we raised our first Berkshire pigs. This year have Berkshire, Hereford and Hereford/Berkshire Crosses. We love our pigs' character, their role on pasture and in the forest, and their taste and quality.

We let our pigs range in large pasture and forest paddocks where they forage on roots and vegetation. We also supplement their diet with our own feed of peas, barley, wheat, and hemp. In 2018, we grew pumpkins to treat our pigs in the fall months. In the winter we feed our pigs green feed bales of oats or alfalfa. We are always looking for ways to diversify our pigs diet depending on the season.


We have our pigs processed and packaged in a provincially-inspected abattoir.


Interested in trying our pastured pork?

We sell three different packages:


  • A whole pig = approx. 140 lbs

  • A half pig = approx. 70 lbs

  • A quarter pig = approx. 40 lbs


In each package you will receive an assortment of roasts/hams, side pork/bacon, pork chops, butt steaks, hocks, ground pork, and soup bones.


We are now taking orders so contact us if you are interested in placing an order.


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